About Us


We are Motherlines

Motherlines is founded in 2003.  We are proud to be one of the most specialized NVOCC and Freight Forwarding companies in North America.  With clients ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to some of the largest multinational companies, we stay ahead of all regulatory developments and provide the services required by every type of clients.

Motherlines has operations all over the world.  We have in place a wide network of our own international offices and affiliates dedicated to serve importers and exporters around the world. 

Motherlines is committed to provide superlative service in a highly competitive market which increasingly demands better quality, continuous improvement, client customized programs, leading edge technology and rapid adaptation to a constantly changing operating environment.

    1. Expecting Client Needs. Offering Innovative Solutions.

    2. Minimize Risks + Enhance Profitability = Committed to Excellence.

    3. Performance by Teamwork Management.

The exclusive arms of the group have dedicated ourselves to provide logistic solutions to trade between Asia and North America by designing customized solutions for each of them. With service as our fundamental mission, technology as our tool and teamwork as the driving force, the company uses all resources - every day and every load - to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

The group has proven its credentials, time  and again  by being an integral part of our customers' success, taking care of both import and export for airfreight as well as ocean.

We believe of respecting others and ourselves. At  Motherlines, we create and harness environments where employees get opportunity to work to their true potential and offer meaningful solutions to logistics challenges of customers in inter national transportation industry and supply chain. We believe in Quality and our people are oriented towards Total Quality Management (TQM). These aspects determine our culture that has paved way in high retention ratio of our customers.

1. Where we are an integrated part of our customers’ logistic activities. 
2. Where the focus is on excellence and results. 
3. Where every individual strives for personal as well as professional growth. 
4. Where barriers to effective communication do not exist. 
5. Where information sharing is not considered a threat. 
6. Where leadership is defined as the service of subordinates. 
7. Where coming to work everyday is a joy. 
8. We realize that it is our Customers who keep us in business and we want them to be with us –   ALWAYS. 
9. We will stick to the foundation and retain the HUMAN touch with our CUSTOMERS while adapting the  systems and e -products with the change in business carried out worldwide.
10. Where constant refinement and upgrading of every aspect of the services rendered in anticipation of  the customers’ growing needs becomes routine of life. Yes, this has paid us rich dividends. We will continue to focus on this important aspect of our functioning to benefit our valued customers, the Organization and the Industry on the whole.

Motherlines is a system driven organization with the flavor of personal touch. We have procedures and processes in place to drive Motherlines’ engine where human resource fits in as value added wheels and takes the vehicle to its destination with safety and efficiency.

We upgrade and expand on our IT base periodically. We re-engineer process and procedures that deserve a revisit over a period of time thereby ensure that the system is stable and capable to meet our customers'  challenges and exceed their expectations. The concept of re-inventing cycles on the methods and procedures based on customer specific long term goals have helped us to develop customer specific logistics solution packages. 

We do not want our customers waiting for long and expensive ‘moments’ in the traffic  jam of automation super highways which is where they are partially driven to in today’s business environment. We do not want customers in cross roads when they reach you for information. Though we embrace technology and use its merits and translate it to customer benefits we have developed a personalized back up system that will stand tall and fetch information that you need with the interaction of our staff any time and every time.  As we have manual back up for our systems and procedures, we do not get in to automation bottlenecks. A highly personalized customer service support system is our core strength.

We do conduct customer satisfaction surveys with in house or outhouse professionals to measure their satisfaction levels of our corporate customers in various avenues of our service. This not only helps us to understand where we stand but to take corrective actions, thereby getting closer to a customer and exceeding expectation levels with continuous refinement of our service and performance consistency.


We consider human resource as one of the best assets in service industry. They can make or break company’s image and needs to be dealt with seriousness. We pick and choose them by evaluating their ability and attitude in adapting themselves to the professional environment of Motherlines. People, if they have capabilities get on board Mothelines and set themselves for a long journey where they pass many milestones towards their career destination. We believe in training and continuous improvement and so put our resources through various training programs. We have Key process and performance indicators to evaluate performance of our staff and set higher goals for them from time to time based on their accomplishments. This is why perhaps, people of all walks of life like to be associated with Motherlines assignments.

While we benchmark and encourage developing task execution capabilities of our staff, our focus is also on developing managerial skill sets for performance excellence. We are aware that effective SCM demands more of managerial skills rather than task execution capabilities.